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Screen time

Let's start by saying for the first time ever the kids woke me up once just to ask if they had to do learning activities before they play games! May sound minor but to actually sleep until 9:30 am is unheard of! Between the sleep training clock and tablet time there is an eerie peace in the morning. It does however pose the question of, "how much is too much screen time"? I grew up in a house where we had a TV in our rooms and our time was never monitored. I also grew up in a time where we could walk to the park 5 minutes from home with no cell phones and knew to be home when the street lights came on. These days it seems as though children are glued to their devices with no thoughts of outdoor play let alone human interaction. Play dates have turned into two kiddos playing on tablets next to one another. While I loved the peace of the morning, I still wonder what is the appropriate amount of screen time?

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