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What Routine?

Throughout my years of being a Nanny, I have entered the lives of multiple families. With each family came a different form of structure. You have your free spirited families who allow their children to go with the flow, your structured families who never step aside from routine, and your families who guide their children through their day.

One of my favorite guided/structured families prepared their children by providing a calendar in each child's room at eye level listing out both daily and weekly routines.Times were included on the calendars a clock sat above the calendar.

In preparation for an 8pm bedtime, at 7:55pm I stated it was time to get ready for bed. The 4 year old looked past where i was sitting and said, "bedtime is at 8." I reluctantly looked behind me expecting to see a digital clock only to see a REAL clock! I was truly impressed!

While life definitely has it's wrenches it can throw in your routine, why not set the stage of each day by preparing your child for what is to come?

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